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Special Edition - Takeaways From The Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report (2022)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

In our previous blog "Marketing for Small Business with Social" we mentioned the Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report. In this Special Edition of The Social Times we will break down key points of our review from the report for those who want to keep it light.

However, the full link to the report is at the end of the article. The Social Media Benchmark Report - as written by Influencer Marketing Hub has collated statistics and data relating to social media marketing, predominantly over the last 12 months. Active Users And Growth 4.48 Billion Social Users Globally

  • As of July 2021, there were 4.48 billion active social media users globally. That means 53.6% of the world's 7.83 billion population now uses social media. Notably, 4.15 Billion (98.8%) of these social media users accessed social media via their mobile phones.

13.2% Growth in Social Media Users in a Year

  • Social use increased worldwide during the first year of Covid. In the twelve months to January 2021, there was a 490 million (13.2%) increase in active social media users across all platforms globally.

  • This continues a constant trend over the last few years. Back in 2016, there were 2.31 billion social users. Numbers rose 20.9% during 2017 to reach 2.79 billion. Social users rose 14.6% the following year to 3.2 billion, followed by an 8.3% increase in 2019 to 3.46 billion, and a 7.2% increase to 3.71 billion in 2020. Time Spent On Social-Per Day The average internet user spends nearly 2 1/2 hours per day on social media.

  • Social apps take up several of the top 10 positions in terms of active monthly users.

  • Social apps dominated the rankings for total number of downloads in 2020 with TikTok and Instagram taking fastest growing social apps. Social Networks are the most common type of Website visited / Apps used.

The Apps/Websites with the highest usage:

  • Social Networks 95.7%

  • Chat/massaging platforms 95.2%

  • Search engines 84.1%

  • Shopping ect. 59.7% Online Research Behaviours

  • 62.2% Finding information

  • 55.5% Staying in touch with family and friends

  • 54.3% Keeping up to date with news and events

  • 51.7% Researching how to do things

  • 51.6% Watching videos, TV shows and movies

  • 47.5% Finding new ideas or inspiration

  • 46.5% Researching products and brands

  • 46.1% Accessing or listening to music Brand Research Channels

  • 71.6% of Internet Users Search for Brand Information on Social Platforms

  • Marketers are likely to take an interest in the fact that globally 71.6% of internet users now search for brand information on social platforms. Although People Conduct Brand Research via a Variety of Different Types of Social Platforms, Social Media made up 43.4% of those searches. Ad Reach Across Social

  • Facebook 36.7%

  • Instagram 22.6%

  • Facebook Messenger 17.5%

  • WhatsApp 33%

  • LinkedIn 14%

  • Snapchat 8.5%

  • Twitter 6.5%

  • Pinterest 14%

  • TikTok 8.5% Facebook Ad Reach

Facebook Ads Can Potentially Reach 36.7% of the Total Population 13+

  • While few brands would consider targeting every Facebook user, they could potentially reach 2.25 billion Facebook users. That potential advertising audience is equivalent to 36.7% of the global population aged 13+. In addition, Facebook's advertising reach grew 1.8% in the quarter ending July 2021. Facebook reports that 56.4% of its global ad audience is male, with 43.6% female. The Dominant Smartphone Smartphone Internet Users Make up More Than 90% 0f All Internet Users

  • With most people now owning a smartphone, it is unsurprising that they now make up 90.8% of total internet users. Including the relatively few users of older-style feature phones, mobile internet users now make up 92.1% of total internet users. There are 4.42 billion mobile internet users globally, using cellular and/or Wi-Fi. On average, mobile users spend 3 hours 36 minutes using the internet each day. 96.6% of Working Age Internet Users Own a Smartphone. Social Media continues to grow every day. Don't get left behind when it comes to advertising, promotion, SEO or even consistently posting content & engaging customers.

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